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Electric shaver Eldom G47 – high quality – rechargeable battery mains – movable shaving head with 3 movable blades – right next to the blade skin for a quick shave – automatic adjustment to the shape of the face and neck – shaves even the shortest beard – trimmer – perfect for sideburns and mustaches – the possibility of washing in running water chamber of the cutting knives – ergonomic design – provides a comfortable support – charging – elegant package – the power in 3W – 230V ~ 50Hz – charging time 8 hours – rechargeable Ni-Cd 600 mAh – warranty 24 months Power network and battery the by far best solution. Versatility network and wireless shaver are their great advantage. We can use it both at home and such. Podrózy.Pomimo in the discharge of the battery, we can safely continue to shave by connecting the shaver to the mains. Movable shaving head three moving blades 3 of the moving blades close to the skin for a quick shave. In addition, the entire cutting head in which the blades are mounted is also movable, so that the shaver is automatically adjusted to the shape of the face and neck. Trim ideal for sideburns and mustaches